About Us

The Maillard Project is a cafe, roastery, and community training facility established by Coffee Anthology located in the middle of the CBD, creating a place that you can not only drink coffee there, but also sharing ideas on how to roast, brew, and serve it.

We are located on Charlotte Street, a glossy, laboratory-like room created by Clui Design, made of light stone, wood, and glass. A low-set island bar in the centre serves espresso from two machines serving espresso and pour over to highlight many of the roasting that The Maillard Project is creating.

By reimagining what coffee was and how it could be, we hoped to solve this issue, spark positive change in the industry, and create a better market and environmetn for speciality coffee.

To make our project possible, all coffee lovers can attend cupping sessions, try their hand at roasting, or practise on a third espresso machine, and to share and exchange their ideas with us! Also, the most important thing, to try our many options of the in house roasted coffee that we are pouring everyday!