Brew Guide for Pour Over

Basic Brewing Guide


Pour over is a precise, clean method of making filter coffee that highlights characteristics of well roasted coffee. Drapers can be in different glass, ceramic or plastic and even in different shape to provide create the different flavour of the coffee. Which is also an easy way to enjoy a cup of beautiful coffee at home. 


What you will need before you start brewing


  • Kettle
  • Grinder
  • Scale
  • Dripper
  • Timer
  • Filter paper
  • Jug



Dose: 13g

Water: 220g

Total brewing time: 2:30

Grind size: 800 ~ 1100 (Fine/Medium ~ Medium/Coarse)

Temperature: 90°C ~ 93°C

Ratio: 1:17


  • Boil the water, place and rinse the filter paper in the dripper, then empty the water from the jug
  • Weight out the coffee dose
  • Grind the coffee
  • Place the dripper and jug on the scale and tare the weight tare the scale and put the designated coffee dose into the dripper
  • Evenly distribute the coffee ground
  • Add hot water in and bloom for 30 seconds
  • Pour 100g of water in after 1 minute, then pour the 110g of water in after another 30 seconds aiming to finishing the brewing around 2 minutes


Recipe can be different between different coffee and many factors, try it in different ways to find out your favourite coffee at home!